Rubbish Poem

The wind us blowing, The waves are crashing, Rubbish is flying earth is dying. The wildlife is crying,

BTN. Minecraft- for the Minecraft video on the blog I think it is really good for us because you could learn something from and people might not like Minecraft and then then they built like a fence at school then

Quiksilver Challenge

Every Tuesday we have been working on a quiksilver challenge. The theme for this years quiksilver challenge is single use plastic. We have thought of ways to decrease the amount of single use plastic on our planet. -buying boxes food instead of… Continue Reading →


In skateboarding there are all different types of tricks. I have found you a picture on the left, and I am going to tell you about some tricks you can do in skateboarding. First there is a drop in to… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge surfing

  …I didn’t mean to go this high this is my first time experiencing a air-reverse oh my goodness me, I can just feel this moment in me. My brother will be so happy because I have been trying so hard to do this… Continue Reading →


in surfing there are all different types of tricks a snap is a trick when you go up the wave hit the lip and come back down. A barrel is when the wave comes right over you when your on one… Continue Reading →

Photography class around the school

We took a photo at the target. We used different perspectives around the school.

Hello world!

Welcome to You have registered with Global2 and by doing so have agreed to the Terms of Service. Basically we want you to be safe and responsible for yourself and others on the web. Global2 is managed by the… Continue Reading →

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